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Breeder of Small (Kleine) Munsterlanders
      .....A top quality hunting companion for the dedicated sports person

Hunting Hills Kennel has earned 9 NAVHDA & SMCNA NA Breeders Awards and 7 SMCNA Sires Awards.Hunting Hills Kennels encourages all buyers to be members of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) and the Small Munsterlander Club of North America (SMCNA) to help promote the Small Munsterlander.

All Hunting Hills Small Munsterlanders used for breeding have met or surpassed the minimum breeding requirements of the Small Munsterlander Club of North America. The SMCNA is a member of the International Small Munsterlander Club (Kleine Munsterlander International or KlM-I). All breed club members of the KlM-I have minimum breeding requirements

We thank all of the owners of Hunting Hills' puppies for exposing their puppies to hunting situations and running their SM in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test.

VC Hunting Hills' Hemlock (Hemi)
Sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach
Dam is VC Looses Jaika
NA 112 Prize I UT 204 Prize I
Invitational 196 Pass
PennHIP .38/.32
HRC Starter Retriever Title
Hunting Hills' born and bred male
Hunting Hill's J Litter:NAVHDA BA sire
Hunting Hills' Q Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Gunwood G Litter: SMCNA Sire Award

Available for stud to SMCNA approved females

Member of the Small Munsterlander
Club of North America - SMCNA

Hunting Hills' Lexi
Sire is VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach 
Dam is VC Looses Jaika
NA 112 prize I
PennHIP .39/.29
Hunting Hill's P Litter:
Breeders Award

History of the Small Munsterlander:
The SM originated in the Munster region of Northern Germany over 500 years ago. They are called Kleine Münsterländer in Germany. Other early names for the Small Munsterlander are Heidewachtel, Spion (little spy), Maly Munsterlandsky Ohar, Petit Münsterländer, Pienimünsterinseisoja, or Piccolo Münsterländer. Germany is the founding country of Small (Kleine) Munsterlander and wrote the F.C.I .Standard .

The SM is one of the smallest of the gun dogs. It is tough, strongly built, full of nobility, and enthusiasm. The Small Munsterlander's coat should be smooth with feathering on the ears, the legs, and the tail. The dog uses his tail as an instrument of expression, and this signaling ability is highly useful in its work. Many
SM have voice on trail or scent when tracking its game, which is a desirable trait especially in Europe. The hunter can hear the voice of his dog and know what type of game it is hunting or tracking.

Hunting Hills' Kennel LLC :
A Hunting Hills Kennel we breed Small Munsterlander puppies and have started SMs from time to time. Kris Hill will assist SM owners with the training and handling of their puppies and dogs, train and handle our SMs in NAVHDA and HRC tests and will train and handle other dogs in these tests for their owners.

I use our Hunting Hills' Small Munsterlanders for
guiding at Oak Creek Hunting Preserve in Brainard, NE. Our family enjoys hunting with our personal dogs and would like to share some of the pictures we have taken over the years.

I would like to thank all of the people who have assisted me with my training, my testing, and our time together hunting. Your help has been appreciated and the time spent together is treasured. Click
HERE to see some pictures of our days training our wonderful Small Munsterlanders and other versatile hunting dogs through out the years.

Member of NAVHDA and
NAVHDA Heartland Chapter

VC Looses Jaika
SMCNA Hall of Fame
Our Danish import
NA 112 Prize I, UT 204 Prize I,
Invitational 194 Pass
PennHIP .43/.33
HRC Starter Retriever Title
Hunting Hill's H Litter:  SMCNA & NAVHDA Breeders Award
Hunting Hill's L Litter: SMCNA &
 NAVHDA Breeders Award
Hunting Hill's N Litter: SMCNA &
NAVHDA Breeders Award

VC Cody vom Apfelbaumbach
SMCNA Hall of Fame
NA 112 Prize I UT 204 Prize I
JGHV: VJP 74 VGP 273 Prize II
Invitational 191 Pass
PennHIP .33/.33
HRC Starter Retriever Title
2007 SMCNA Dog of the Year
Hunting Hill's F Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hill's G Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hill's H Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hill's L Litter: SMCNA Sire Award
Hunting Hills' S Litter: SMCNA Sire Award Gosch's J Litter: SMCNA SIre Award
von Turner D Litter: SMCNA Sire Award

Available for stud to SMCNA approved females

Timber Trail's Bella
Sire is Jerry vom Buchenberg - Zip Dam is Fall Brook Run's Aili- Lilly
NA 112 prize I
PennHIP .23/.23

To see pictures of past and current puppies on my facebook page
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Hunting Hills Kennel LLC / Small Munsterlander

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Hunting Hills Kennel

TEST IN 2014

Zenka vom Tecklenburger Land
VJP: 66

Hunting Hills' 
Uma Abby
110 Pr I

Hunting Hills' 
Ultimate Trigger
112 Pr I

Hunting Hills'
Ultra Aggy
12 Pr I

Hunting Hills'
112 Pr I
Hunting Hills' 
94 Pr III

Hunting Hills'
Vivi Katy
112 Pr I

Hunting Hills'
Waltzing Matilda
110 Pr I

Hunting Hills'
80 Pr III

Hunting Hills'
Windsor Angus
112 Pr I

Hunting Hills' 
Xati Abby
112 Pr I

Zenka vom Tecklenburger Land
96 Pr III


YOUR Hunting Hills' SM

  New Small Munsterlanders at Hunting Hills Kennel

Avery von der Weidach
Sire:Astor von Overledinger Moor
Dam: Afra von der Zell
PennHIP: 0.24/0.23
NA 105 prize II  VJP 65

Hunting Hills' Piper
Sire: Jerry vom Buckenberg
Dam: Hunting Hills' Lexi
NA 96 prize III
PennHIP: 0.21/0.21
Owned by Eileen Rock and
Tom Stalder

Zenka vom Tecklenburger Land
Sire: Eddi vom Elberger Forst 
Dam: Xati vom Tecklenburger Land
PennHIP .26/.24
NA 96 prize III VJP 66

We are excited to
announce our 
Z Litter  between 

Welcome to Hunting Hills Kennel home page on the Internet. At our site we hope to introduce our Small Munsterlander breed to you. The SM is a long haired versatile hunting dog that uses both air scent for pointing and ground scent for tracking. They will hunt fur and feather for the hunter on foot. The Small Munsterlander's elegance, intelligence, desire and devotion make them a wonderful hunting partner and home companion.

Hunting Hills Kennel's goal is to breed the best to the best; to produce a well balanced hunting dog and calm companion in the home with the family. In 18 years of owning SM's there have been 19 litters with 139 Hunting Hills' Small Munsterlanders born. 129 of the 139 Small Munsterlanders born are of age to be NAVHDA tested. 78 SM have Natural Ability tested in NAVHDA and 72 have passed the NA test with an average score of 102. That means that 56% of the Hunting Hills' Kennel Small Munsterlanders have tested and of those tested 92% have passed.
Member of JGV-USA

Hunting Hills' Pia (Dixie)
Sire: Jerry vom Buckenberg
Dam: Hunting Hills' Lexi
NA 110 prize I
PennHIP: 0.36/0.34
Owned by Eric & Beth Vargas

We are also excited to announce our  
A Litter between

Puppies due
Nov 5, 2014